Visuteach 11 Plus Exams – Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non Verbal Reasoning

Visuteach provides 11 plus sample papers for GL Assessment type tests in maths, verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning, Essex CSSE style English and maths tests, Northern Ireland PPTC transfer tests in English and maths, Northern Ireland AQE CEA (Common Entrance Assessment) transfer tests, English comprehension and maths tests for the North London Independent Girls’ Schools’ Consortium. We also provide membership sites which contain online interactive tests.

The GL Assessment and PPTC type papers are multiple-choice, and the Essex, AQE and North London Independent Girls’ Schools’ Consortium type papers are standard format.

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What is the 11 plus?

The 11 plus (11+ or eleven plus) is an exam used in the United Kingdom to select children for admission to grammar schools and certain private/independent schools at the secondary level. The 11 plus is taken by children in the last year of primary school.

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Schools Using the 11 Plus & 12 Plus Exams

The following information is correct to the best of our knowledge. We cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions. Please click on the schools’ websites to check the information. Please let us know if you spot any errors or omissions.

Area/LEA – School
Queen Elizabeth’s School
St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School
The Henrietta Barnett School
Bexley Grammar School
Beths Grammar School
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
Townley Grammar School For Girls
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School
Handsworth Grammar School
King Edward VI Aston School
King Edward VI Camp Hill Girls’ School
King Edward VI Camp Hill School Boys
King Edward VI Five Ways School
King Edward VI Handsworth School
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School For Girls
Bournemouth School
Bournemouth School For Girls
Newstead Wood School For Girls
St Olave’s
Aylesbury Grammar School
Aylesbury High School
Beaconsfield High School
Burnham Grammar School
Chesham Grammar School
Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
Dr Challoner’s High School
John Hampden Grammar School
Royal Grammar School
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School
Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School
The Royal Latin School
Wycombe High School
Crossley Heath School
The North Halifax Grammar School
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
Colyton Grammar School
The Latymer School
Cecil Jones College
Chelmsford County High School For Girls
Colchester County High School For Girls
Colchester Royal Grammar School
King Edward VI Grammar School
Shoeburyness High School
Southend High School for Boys
Southend High School for Girls
St Bernard’s High School and Arts College
St Thomas More High School for Boys
Westcliff High School for Boys
Westcliff High School for Girls
The Crypt School
High School for Girls
Marling School
Pate’s Grammar School
Ribston Hall High School
Sir Thomas Rich’s School
Stroud High School
Bushey Meads School
Dame Alice Owen’s School
Parmiter’s School
Queen’s School
Rickmansworth School
Watford Grammar School for Boys
Watford Grammar School for Girls
Barton Court Grammar School
Borden Grammar School
Chatham House Grammar School
Clarendon House Grammar School
Cranbrook School
Dane Court Grammar School
Dartford Grammar School
Dartford Grammar School for Girls
Dover Grammar School for Boys
Dover Grammar School for Girls
Gravesend Grammar School for Boys
Highsted Grammar School
Highworth Grammar School
Invicta Grammar School
Maidstone Grammar School
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls
Mayfield Grammar School
Oakwood Park Grammar School
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School
Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys
Sir Roger Manwood’s School
The Folkestone School for Girls
The Harvey Grammar School
The Judd School
The Norton Knatchbull School
The Skinners’ School
Tonbridge Grammar School
Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
Weald of Kent Grammar School
Wilmington Grammar School For Boys
Wilmington Grammar School For Girls
The Tiffin Girls’ School
Tiffin School
Heckmondwike Grammar School
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School
Lancaster Royal Grammar School
Boston Grammar School
Boston High School For Girls
Bourne Grammar School
Caistor Grammar School
Carre’s Grammar School
Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School
Kesteven and Sleaford High School
King Edward VI Humanities College
King Edward VI Grammar School
The King’s School Grantham
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Alford
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Horncastle
Queen Elizabeth’s High School
Spalding Grammar School
Spalding High School
The Skegness Grammar School
The Liverpool Blue Coat School
Chatham Grammar School for Boys
Chatham Grammar School for Girls
Fort Pitt Grammar School
Brompton Academy
Rainham Mark Grammar School
St John Fisher Catholic School
The Howard School
The Hundred of Hoo Academy
The Robert Napier School
The Rochester Grammar School
The Thomas Aveling School
Ermysted’s Grammar School
Ripon Grammar School
Skipton Girls’ High School
Devonport High School For Boys
Devonport High School For Girls
Plymouth High School For Girls
POOLE – 12 Plus Exams (12+)
Parkstone Grammar School
Poole Grammar School
Kendrick School
Reading School
Reading Girls’ School
Ilford County High School
Woodford County High School For Girls
Herschel Grammar School
Langley Grammar School
St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School
Upton Court Grammar School
Greenshaw High School
Nonsuch High School For Girls
Sutton Grammar School For Boys
Wallington County Grammar School
Wallington High School For Girls
Wilson’s School
Adams’ Grammar School
Newport Girls’ High School
Churston Ferrers Grammar School
Torquay Boys’ Grammar School
Torquay Girls’ Grammar School
Westlands School
Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
Altrincham Grammar School For Girls
Loreto Grammar School For Girls
Sale Grammar School
Saint Ambrose College
Stretford Grammar School
Urmston Grammar School
Queen Mary’s Grammar School
Queen Mary’s High School
Ashlawn School and Science College
Alcester Grammar School
King Edward VI School Stratford-upon-Avon
Lawrence Sheriff School
Rugby High School
Stratford Girls’ Grammar School
Bishop Wordsworth’s School
South Wilts Grammar School
Calday Grange Grammar School
St Anselm’s College
Upton Hall School
West Kirby Grammar School
Wirral Grammar School
Wirral Grammar School For Girls
Wolverhampton Girls’ High School

Northern Ireland Transfer Tests. List of schools which use the AQE (Association For Quality Education) CEA (Common Entrance Assessment) exams or are part of the PPTC (Post Primary Transfer Consortium

There is information on the AQE at the AQE website http://www.aqe.org.uk

Many of the schools which are part of the PPTC provide sample transfer tests on their websites, such as on the Dominican College, Portstewart website http://www.dominican-portstewart.org.uk/transfer.asp

The following information is correct to the best of our knowledge. We cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions. Please click on the schools’ websites to check the information. Please let us know if you spot any errors or omissions.

Antrim Grammar AQE
Ballyclare High School AQE
Banbridge Academy AQE
Bangor Grammar School AQE
Belfast High School AQE
Belfast Royal Academy AQE
Bloomfield Collegiate, Belfast AQE
Cambridge House, Ballymena AQE
Campbell College, Belfast AQE
Carrickfergus Grammar AQE
Coleraine Academical Institution AQE
Coleraine High School AQE
Collegiate Grammar, Enniskillen AQE
Dalriada School, Ballymoney AQE
Down High School, Downpatrick AQE
Friends School, Lisburn AQE
Foyle and Londonderry College AQE
Glenlola Collegiate, Bangor AQE
Grosvenor Grammar School, Belfast AQE
Hunterhouse College, Belfast AQE
Larne Grammar School AQE
Limavady Grammar School AQE
Methodist College Belfast AQE
Omagh Academy AQE
Regent House School, Newtownards AQE
Royal Belfast Academical Institution AQE
Royal School Armagh AQE
Royal School Dungannon AQE
Strabane Academy AQE
Strathearn School, Belfast AQE
Sullivan Upper School, Holywood AQE
Wallace High School, Lisburn AQE
Wellington College, Belfast AQE
Victoria College, Belfast AQE
Abbey Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Newry) PPTC
Aquinas Grammar School (Belfast) PPTC
Assumption Grammar School (Ballynahinch) PPTC
Ballymena Academy PPTC
Campbell College, Belfast PPTC
Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Omagh) PPTC
Dominican College (Belfast) PPTC
Dominican College (Portstewart) PPTC
Lagan College (Belfast) PPTC
Loreto College (Coleraine) PPTC
Loreto Grammar School (Omagh) PPTC
Lumen Christi College, (Derry) PPTC
Mount Lourdes Grammar School (Enniskillen) PPTC
Our Lady and St Patrick’s College (Belfast) PPTC
Our Lady’s Grammar School (Newry) PPTC
Portora Royal School (Enniskillen) PPTC
Rainey Endowed (Magherafelt) PPTC
Rathmore Grammar (Belfast) PPTC
Sacred Heart Grammar School (Newry) PPTC
Slemish Integrated College (Ballymena) PPTC
St Colman’s College (Newry) PPTC
St Columb’s College (Derry) PPTC
St Dominic’s High School (Belfast) PPTC
St Joseph’s Grammar (Donaghmore) PPTC
St Louis’ Grammar School (Ballymena) PPTC
St Louis’ Grammar School (Kilkeel) PPTC
St Malachy’s College (Belfast) PPTC
St Mary’s Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Belfast) PPTC
St Mary’s Grammar School (Magherafelt) PPTC
St Michael’s Grammar School (Enniskillen) PPTC
St Patrick’s Academy (Dungannon) PPTC
St Patrick’s Grammar School (Armagh) PPTC
St Patrick’s Grammar School (Downpatrick) PPTC
Thornhill College (Derry) PPTC
Victoria College, Belfast PPTC
Wellington College, Belfast PPTC